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Cosmetology Night Instructor

Williston, ND 58801, USA

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

Hair Society Institute in Williston, ND will help you get licensed to instruct.

We need you to train the next generation of Beauty Society Professionals If you have a passion for cosmetology love to share your knowledge, & help others, we have the perfect career for you.

At HSI, we offer a great 160-hour Cosmetology Student Instructors Program. That will prepare you to become a North Dakota State licensed Educator. This course is offered in a hybrid form with part of it online and part in the classroom, making it easier to fit in the class work to become certified to instruct when you can.

The super awesome part about the night course is that it is more flexible and possible to make it work while holding down a day job. With hours from 5 PM to 9 PM.

Becoming an educator at HSI would be an excellent way to earn more income while having a fun environment to work in.


If you have a passion for cosmetology love to share your knowledge, & help others, we have the perfect career for you. At HSI, we offer a great 160-hour Cosmetology Student Instructors Program. That will prepare you to become a North Dakota State licensed Educator. Job Duties:

1. Gain a working knowledge of the school’s satisfactory academic progress policy, the standards of conduct, practical course requirements, grading policies and criteria, and state regulation withing 30 to 45 days (about 1 and a half months).

2. Teach and follow the school’s published curriculum, using all teaching materials aids and hand- outs provided unless, deviations are approved.

3. Learn any new course or teaching methods introduced during employment and follow them consistently.

4. Maintain a thorough knowledge of the schools' mission and educational objectives and strive to always attain them.

5. Organize and prepare for each class presentation. Organize the necessary handouts, teaching from the test or lesson (if possible).

6. Enthusiasm and excitement should be always practiced.

7. Practice proper grammar and pronunciation. Be careful of tone, volume, and clarity of expression.

8. Maintain a thorough, accurate knowledge of the subject matter taught.

9. Vary the class delivery for learners during presentations. Use body movements, gestures audio and visual to keep the class motivated.

10. Prepare practical and/ or written assignments daily.

11. Inspire pride in workmanship and a professional attituded in your students towards their training and work responsibilities. Encourage them to accept and learn from critics and instill in them the acceptance of being coachable, approachable, and trainable.

12. Be fair and impartial in your dealings with all students.

13. Practice listening skills when interacting with students, listen carefully to their comments and questions.

14. Stimulate students to think for themselves and research the answers to questions for themselves. Use examples for clarifications.

15. Use effective class review, quizzes, and activities to help student, learn the material that is being taught.

16. Ensure that test or Quizes are graded promptly and give immediate feedback to students whenever possible.

17. Ensure control on argumentative or disruptive students keep records of all disturbance and all classroom rules and student code of conduct violations.

18. Assign leadership task and praise & recognize accomplishments and good behavior.

19. Perform zone teaching when assign supervision of the student salon/floor.

20. Conduct practical evaluations and grade practical skills according to established grading criteria and record grades as required.

21. Explain and clarify grading criteria as needed. Follow up with student catalog.

22. Stay on task, ensure that Level-one, students complete the required academic learning and practical skill training prior to advancing to the student salon and serving clients.

23. Complete and conduct progress evaluations and perform academic counseling for students according to the school’s policy. Discuss areas needing improvement as well as areas of accomplishment. Identify a plan of action for improvement as needed. Follow up on plans for improvement during subsequent evaluations.

24. Properly set up students and prepare them for State Board Practical & Theory examination.

25. Help prepare graduating students in creating their student testing kit.

26. Never release confidential information on any students without obtaining written authorization from the student (or parent/or guardian if applicable) on the designated form.

27. Conduct evaluations for all transfers and re-entry students according to published policy and document results.

28. Assign students who are not working with a guest other program-related activities that do not disrupt other student's salon activity. (Like Self Study on assignment sheets)

29. Always be readily available for students.

30. Staff meetings as scheduled are Mandatory.

31. Provide faculty assistance and willingness to cover other classrooms as needed if necessary.

32. Be aware of job placements opportunity through newspaper, classifieds, job services, social media, or other business word of mouth. It is important to ensure our students are being placed for employment after graduation.

Other daily duties include:

· Monitor dispensary and laundry activities and ensure that there is adequate stock and there is never a shortage of supplies or towels.

· Monitor inventory needs according to policy and report needs to administration.

· Monitor bathrooms throughout the day to ensure cleanliness and sufficient supplies are available.

· Complete any administrative assignments in a timely and accurate manner.

· Taking attendance duties

· Making sure students clean their working stations and all general areas before the end of the school day.

About the Company

Hair Society Institute approaches teaching in a different way. Our instructors are skilled and all share a passion to help others strive in the beauty industry as well. When you become part of the society of beauty professional educators at HSI, you are joining a family that is there to support, nurture, and help your students grow. That is why Hair Society Institute in Williston, ND is the right choice to join the team and educate the next society of beauty professionals in cosmetology, esthetics, and nail technology.

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