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Hair Salon


The dream started with an idea

    Letty <3

To Society's Next Beauty Professionals,

I am deeply committed to your journey here at HSI as the School Owner, Director, and educator. Ensuring excellence within our institute has been a personal mission of mine, and I've set high standards to elevate each member of our community.


HSI is not just a school; it's a realization of my dream, crafted with the dedication of our staff. It's a place where lives are transformed, and futures are secured through a solid education.

Personally, I am honored to mentor you, uplift you during challenging times, and provide the moral guidance our industry often lacks. My leadership is driven by a genuine care for your success and well-being. At HSI, we foster a familial environment where self-expression is encouraged, and bonds among classmates and across programs are celebrated, contributing to a culture of love and support.

Your education is paramount, and I take pride in our personalized, one-on-one approach using top-tier educational materials, salon-quality tools, and spa-grade products.


Furthermore, I am dedicated to forging meaningful partnerships with industry leaders to offer you specialized training and certifications that enrich your learning experience.

Thank you for allowing me to share my vision with you. It is a privilege to guide you toward achieving your dreams.

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