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To Society's Next Beauty Professionals,

I would like to share a little about my personal mission. As the School Owner, Director, and educator I take your educational journey very seriously. I have fought battles to ensure excellence within our institute. I have set the bar high for all members of the society. I have high standards for your future. HSI is to me, a dream come true. It is the place I have created, with the help of my staff.  It is the place where I can help change someone’s life forever. I want to provide you with a future of certainty through a solid education. I personally would love the opportunity to help mentor you, be there to uplift you, build you up on challenging days, and help by providing you with the moral compass that our industry is lacking. I want to create strong, creative, and beautiful professionals. I operate from my heart, leading as the School Director with love, and your best interest in mind. We at HSI have created a family and friendly environment where you can express yourself freely. I want to encourage you to form bonds with your classmates and across all programs and contribute to our school's love culture. Your well-being and your education are my priority. I pride on one-on-one education that is provided, with our renowned educational materials, salon quality tools, and spa/medical grade products. In addition, I am very much invested and carefully selecting the best partnerships with companies that can provide you additional specialty training and certifications, during the course of your program. Thank you in advance for allowing me to share my dream and allowing me to help guide you to yours.

The dream started with an idea

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